Chiswick Cycling Club -

About Chiswick Cycling Club

We are a friendly, local club formed in 2014 and have an eclectic mix of members, from those with a club and racing background to those who are looking to develop from being a cyclist to a rider. One thing that is clear is that we are all motivated to enhance our fellowship and camaraderie whereupon you can hook up with a ride and recognise and know the group and individual riders. Riding standard is varied but we are aiming to offer rides for all levels of rider.

We teach group riding skills to those not acquainted with the technique and look to help new riders - we NEVER DROP A RIDER

The best way to test us out is to ride with us and you can then work out whether this works for you or not. Non-members are welcome to join the rides for a maximum of three times, after that, you are required to join the club for British Cycling insurance requirements. Please see our Insurance section. If you wish to join us for a ride please contact us by emailing Chiswick Cycling Club and we will send you details.

The club has Ride Leaders whose role is simply to provide guidance for the route that is being ridden. All members and riders ride at their own risk.

Our objectives are to be: