Chiswick Cycling Club -

Insurance and Liability

We have affiliation with British Cycling and this provides a level of insurance cover for the Club BUT NOT for individual riders.

The Club and its officers are covered plus any new rider wanting to try us out on our rides. But the club insurance does NOT cover MEMBERS who ride with us in a group.

Non-members are welcome to join the rides for a maximum of two times, after that, you are required to join the club for its British Cycling insurance requirements.

It is important that members look at their own insurances and how that covers them for 3rd party liability insurance. All members and riders ride at their own risk.

The easiest way of getting 3rd Party cover is to join British Cycling as a Ride member. You can access British Cycling's site and join on line. Cost is fairly modest given the cover it provides.

The Club strongly recommends that all members obtain their own liability insurance: see the links below.

Here are the relevant links:

Please read these details carefully and make your own decisions